Great Gifts For Coffee Lovers - Handmade Jewelry Fair Trade Coffee Bean Earrings

Fair Trade Coffee Bean Earrings


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The perfect coffee gift for women and baristas in your life, these earrings are made with Dominican coffee beans and artfully crafted into wire-wrapped coffee bean jewelry!

This coffee gift is ideal for women who run on love, laughter and a whole lot of coffee. Coffee brings people together. It builds community. The coffee bean is a universal symbol of companionship, loving hospitality, warmth, and possibly that eureka! moment of a new idea coming to life. What idea, dream, or vision, hasn’t been considered and shared over a cup of coffee?


Madres artisans receive tools and ongoing training in artisanal jewelry-making techniques, equipping them to create beautiful jewelry that symbolize hope for a better future. Our jewelry collective is based in Los Pinos del Eden, a rural mountain community near the Dominican-Haitian border. By earning fair wages, our artisans are empowered to put food on the table, pay for her children’s school supplies, or invest in her own education. In addition, Madres cultivates friendships between Dominican and Haitian women- two cultures that have traditionally remained segregated. 100% of proceeds are used to pay Madres artisans and invest in community development projects in Los Pinos.

  • 100% of proceeds support sustainable jobs for vulnerable mothers living along the Dominican Haitian border
  • Material: Craft wire and real coffee beans